Welcome to Jenni Burrows Contemporary Textiles

I re-work traditional embroidery techniques for a contemporary context to express our interrelation with things and places. Embroidery is often associated with decoration but the use of thread for utilitarian purposes also has a long history. Thread connects to key themes within my practice: care, value, process, memory and connection and exceeds traditional definitions of embroidery. The meaning of thread derives from my cultural heritage: not only does it begin with my own relationship to thread (making my own embroideries since a small child) it travels much deeper, acting as a metaphor, connecting me to previous generations in my family. This is significantly apparent when working on objects owned by past generations.

The meaning of thread comes from the usefulness of utility: the women in my family used thread not only to hem pillowcases but as rope to assist calving when the cow is in distress, and carry gates across the fields to make temporary boundaries secured with bailer's twine. Women, who weave branches to make fences, use string to tie birds together in preparation for cooking, or tie muslin filled with whey from the feet of an upturned stool.

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